It is said that life begins after 40 and hence, people celebrating their 40th birthday should arrange an unforgettable party and invite all their friends and colleagues to participate in their pleasure of starting a new life. For some people, 40th birthday is a chance to show that they are still enthusiastic and have a great passion for life. You can choose from plenty of exciting 40th birthday party ideas to make your special day memorable. You may arrange the theme party with some unique and wild party ideas.

Sending invitations for the 40th birthday party is the most basic step to ensure the successful celebration. If you are arranging themed parties, then the invitation is especially required to inform the guests about the party theme. You can make attractive birthday party invitations using the designs and images offered in various software programs for your computer. You can also send the invitations through e-mails.

Your 40th birthday is a good reason to spend the wonderful time with your family members and friends. Here are some astonishing 40th birthday party ideas making your day full of fun:

* Surprise party- the surprise party is a great idea to make your day memorable one. You may let your partner know that a party is arranged, but do not reveal the number of guests.* You can present your life history just like an old show from the boob-tube. You may build a book that includes your complete life history. A PowerPoint presentation can be great and effective-one. You may go forward to introduce the people right from their past. You may also prefer to arrange a bound book from the newspaper.* Hiring a boat is one of the most thrilling 40th birthday party ideas as boat can be a great party venue. You may go for cruising on either river or sea. You can arrange a dance party on the boat.* Just imagine a huge castle as a party venue. It is something very exciting and offering unlimited fun. Many castles consist of a banquet hall, which you can combine with a Medieval Banquet to make your event absolutely glamorous.* You may book a magician for amus ing the guests, especially the kids. He can keep guests engaged with his amazing magical shows.* Going for a camping trip with your family members and friends can be a great idea for celebrating your 40th birthday. You may select the farmer's field rather than a campsite. You can arrange a campfire and enjoy cooking scrumptious barbeques.* A beach party is among the most exciting 40th birthday party ideas. A beautiful beach can be a very nice location for celebrating your special day. In such parties, you can take pleasure in some beach sports. Wear the Hawaiian shirts and relive the memories of your college days.

You can enjoy many different types of themed parties. You can select from different party themes such as Caribbean, Pirates, Movie Stars, Vicars and Tarts and School Dinners. Such themes are full of fun and excitement. Just make sure, you give prior intimation about the party theme to your guests so they can come prepared to have an incredible time!

You can choose from the above mentioned 40th birthday party ideas that suit your personality and preferences and make your day unforgettable with your friends and family members.

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