All types of anniversaries are special, no matter which ones they are. However, the best and most-awaited one is the wedding anniversary. And the most exciting part of the whole thing is the party. The organizer often gets muddled and perplexed so here are some anniversary party ideas to help you make the day special for the couple.

The idea is to have an anniversary party without breaking the bank. There are many ways of doing this. You can make a video of the couple beginning from their childhood up to the wedding. Include some of their special dates and the wedding pictures. You can follow these up with the pictures of their children, their lives, dates and friends. Another idea is to make a scrapbook for them. Ask each person who is attending to give you some photographs that they may have of the couple. Also, ask the children and grandchildren to write out something special about them. Take all this material and glue it in a scrapbook with the appropriate decorations. It makes a great gift for the couple and they will cherish it for all the years to come. These anniversary party ideas can make a good lifelong present for the couple.

You can make poster boards of the family photos or a special poster board of all the funny photos that people bring. The quirks of the family and the different vacations that they enjoyed can be a part of this all. This is a good way to make a “laugh-out-loud” party for the guests and the couples. You can play the wedding tape or the other home videos. You can also make a PowerPoint presentation of the things that you want to show . Get a friend or family member to make a voiceover.

To make the party cost-effective so that you don't end up spending more than necessary, you can make use of some forward-looking ideas. Rent some lampshades and place them strategically in the room. Have balloons and streamers hanging around the whole place. You can have the food that the pair likes or something like burgers, pizza or chicken wings i.e. something delicious yet simple. These are some anniversary party ideas that can settle your food-issue.

You can also ask the visitors to share memories of the couple's life together. You can also make the party with a certain theme that the couple likes. Something like a Hawaiian theme with brown paper coconut trees and balloons as coconuts. You can have games to match the theme also.

If you merely want to have a small and informal anniversary party then you can cook something special for the two. Make the favorite recipes and dishes that they love. You can also fulfill some of the things that they want to do like take a trip to Tahiti or something like that. You can take their interviews so that a number of interesting pieces of information can surface.

Be sure that you take pictures of the event that you organize. No matter how small the function or get-together is it is worth remembering. Also, have a guest book so that you can have testimonials for the next time. Make them feel special and let them delight to the fullest. You can have a surprise guest of honor. These are the anniversary party ideas that can get you going to make a good anniversary party.

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